Enough’s enough!

Come off it!!


Enough’s enough

A pile of guff!

Total trash!

I’ve heard it all

Verbal  ash

Even I’m appalled!

By bluedeckshoe Posted in poetry

Just relax…

Writing Magazine in the UK has regular writing competitions. One of them this month is a short poetry competition. The rules are simple, just write an 8 line poem in the form of an “acrostic” – the first letters of each line spell out a word – CREATIVE. This is my first attempt – probably reflects the fact that I am currently on holiday 😉

Clouds float lonely across the sky
Relaxing in the dying sun
Ever wondered. why oh why?
A man is never done
Toil away, night and day
If only to make the rent
Vital time just ebbs away
Energy always spent


Ever since my school years, I have always enjoyed words. As a very young schoolchild, I remember the wordgames the teachers used to teach us rudimentary English. I was always so upset when they were packed away. I could not get enough of them. The assignments I enjoyed most were those that required me to use words in new and creative ways. Anything to do with storywriting or poetry would have me rapt and I would spend hours on them.

Those who know me well will know that I am a dedicated cruciverbalist – I love cryptic crosswords. I can think of nothing better than to while away an afternoon poring over a copy of the Times, appropriately decorated with the working hieroglyphics to puzzle out anagrams, synonyms and the meanest of clues.

In my professional life, I maintain a blog at Finextra.com but this site is for me to stretch my legs personally and let my creative juices run riot. Many people who have read my blogs have told me that I should write professionally, so who knows where this will lead. Wish me luck – I might need it!

Are you sitting comfortably?