The girl who crowned her Daddy King.

My Only King

My Only King (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Maddie was out with her Mum at the shop.
She really wanted the shopping to stop.
In and out of the aisles they went,
until Mum’s money was nearly spent

At last Mummy’s shopping came to a halt,
when into the basket she threw the salt
“As you’ve been good, you deserve some treats”
said Mummy as she looked at the sweets

“No Mum”, said Maddie pulling her away.
“I don’t want any sweets for treats today.”
Giving the sweets a disdainful look,
Maddie picked up a big sticker book.

At home Maddie was back with her Daddy.
When he had no treats he threw a paddy.
“Would you like a sticker instead?”
sweet Little Maddie kindly said

“What – a special sticker just for me?”
her father said with joyful glee
Eying her stickers with a careful frown,
Maddie selected a big golden crown.

“Would you please bend right over” young Maddie said,
stickering the big golden crown to his head.
Standing up straight her daddy looked proud.
His voice went from soft to very loud.

“I am King and before me you must bow!
You and Mummy my loyal subjects now”
Mummy and Maddie started to laugh
“You can’t order us like we’re your staff”

“That’s it! I’ll have to chop off Mummy’s head”
The last thing Maddie wanted was Mummy dead
She jumped on a stool and her Daddy squealed
As she reached for the crown and off it was pealed

As Daddy’s voice returned from loud to soft,
“You’re no longer the King” her Mummy scoffed.
“Any more nonsense you’ll sleep in the shed,
and all you’ll have for dinner is bread.”


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