4 comments on “Are you who you say you are?

  1. Martin, look at lastpass. This is a password manager but with a wrinkly. Everything is encrypted on your browser so there is no clear data at the server. If you lose your password for the lastpass server, you are on your own. It, optionally, automatically fills in your userid and password and optionally logs you on. It detects password changes and allows you to catagorise your sites. Really good. It also works on my iPad.

  2. Research has shown that the most secure passwords are actually all text. The strategy is to create a password that is an Acronym of a phrase that means something to you. That way it is not a word which is what the password cracking programs normally use to launch a brute force attack on a system. Those programs normally try all the common adaptations like switching i’s and l’s for the number 1, e for the number 3 and a for @ so if you only ever use these numbers and special characters beware!!

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